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So… the holliday is over, actually has been over for a week now. Have not been able to make myself sit down and write. I’m agitated, things are not going good in this country, it’s like we all wait for something and there is some shades of dark grey in the air. Don’t want to be pesimistic, but things are not ok. Far from that…

But, returning to my holliday memories, I have new work to present before you, to be judged and commented on. Here it is, i enjoy it very much, i hope you do too. I’m waiting for feedback though 🙂


Up up over the chimney top…


Smells like autumn, smells like fresh air in the morning, the warmth of the sun in midday, the cool air of the night…


Aaa… my beautifull flowers


More flowers bathing in the sun


Nature’s fresh, bio products


Hungry? 🙂 Home made croissants, delicious and good looking too


And another flower… never  could remember the name


Yes, definetely, autumn is in the air


Beautifull roses, perhaps the last ones this year



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