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There are fewer and fewer givers out there, don’t you think? I sometimes wonder why is it so hard to give… a smile, a flower, a compliment (that’s more a question for the guys :P), a comforting word, a hug…

In my mind these are simple things that usually come from the heart, they are free things, they will not cost you much and they definetely will be worth while. I mean what is more important than to start your day with a smile? Or, being a woman, what is more important than feeling appreciated and … well, why not, sexy? 🙂

Aren’t these the things that we are all waiting for? Looking for? Wishing for? Cause by now we should have figured out the fact that in order to receive we must give. We must give in order to make a LIFE, not just a LIVING.

I know it sounds cheesy, but there was a song that went something like… a house is not a home. Well, you can say that making a living is not making a life, it does not add up all the flavours, and the sounds, and perfumes, and sorrow, and dissapointment, and laughter and sunshines that a life has.

So… have a good monday everyone and remember to give a smile today 🙂


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