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One day a bus driver went to work as usual, in the morning, started his bus and went on his way. Nothing out of the ordinary for the first bus stops, few people got on, few people got off, everything was just fine.

At one bus stop, though, one giant man, 1.90 m high, body builder type of guy, gets on the bus… looks at the driver and says “Big John does not pay!” and takes a seat. Did i tell you that our bus driver was the skinny type, short and gentle man? So he does not argue with Big John, but he doesn’t like the situation.

Next day same thing happens: Big John gets in, says he doesn’t pay, sits down… and the next day… and the days that come.

And it goes on untill our bus driver can’t take it, he was having nightmares with Big John and the way he was mocking him.  So he takes up karate, bodybuildding, judo and everything else he can find.A few months later he was stronger and more confident.

Back to work the next day, Big John gets on the bus and says “Big John does not pay!”, the driver looks fiercly at him now and says: “And why is that?”

Big John looks at him surprised and says “Big John has subscription”.

The moral of this story is: make sure there is a problem before you do the impossible to solve it 🙂 🙂


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